Pirate’s Den Teen Center took some teens to the Hogle Zoo. The teens had a blast and got to see the animals in their natural habitat. Teens learned where the animals came from, what they eat, and how they get along. The lion’s were all sleeping under the shade of trees. The monkey’s exhibit has new members we got to see how the mom carried her baby and protected it. It was so interesting to watch. We had so much fun. Teens if gone with thank you if not give us a try, it’ll be fun. After all that walking around we were hungry sowe headed to Pizzaria Limone. It was so good!      20170608_11465920170608_11500020170608_11502920170608_11561820170608_14152220170608_14154020170608_14241020170608_14345820170608_14342720170608_14335520170608_14241920170608_142416


Written by Erika Gonzalez