Hello! We are excited to see everyone. The Teen Center had a few changes made to it, come over and see what we have done. Our biggest addition has been a basketball court, I hope to see everyone here and playing. We’ll be starting Life Skills Classes soon, please encourage your child to participate, once he/she is done with the classes they’ll get a $25.00 gift certificate. We love our teens and are always here to help in any way we can. We also provide rides from the school to the center,  after 7 P.M. we’ll take them home if they need a ride. Miss Elli Tellez was our winner at the last movie in the park. Congratulations!

Teen/Gear Up  dinner was amazing we had 34 teens and 23 guest. Kim Andrus and Brandon Flores were talking to our youth about college readiness.  Kim and Erika prepared the Navajo Tacos, which were a big success. Thank you Kim Andrus and Brandon Flores you are doing an amazing job!

We want to invite the community October 3 2016, for our National Lights On. We will be having light refreshments and snacks. We’ll be lighting up lanterns and releasing them. Bring your family and have fun. If you have a BIC Lighter please bring it with you.  Hope to see you here.


Written by Erika Gonzalez