November was a fun filled month for the Teen Center, we got a 15 passenger van. A huge thank you to ECCLES, HIGH COUNTRY AUTO and ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER. The teens and Kathy are participating in Life Skills Class, upon complation of the classes the 11 teens that participated will recieve a $25.00 gift card. Pirates Den hosted The Great American Smoke Out Party (1-day stand against tobacco). We served homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Kristin Robertsons homemade dinner rolls and noodles. Thank you Kristin Robertson for helping make a delicous dinner. November 24th the Teen Center got to take 13 teens to Emery High School to watch the boys first basketballl game in our new van. I would like to thank Michelle Corrigan for volunteering her time and going with us to Emery.

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Written by Erika Gonzalez